My Story

Adrienne Broaddus blames her dad. Pops, as she affectionately calls her father, made her write.  She wrote about catching tadpoles and she wrote a letter to her parents demanding an extended curfew. Call letters that spell real words are meant for Adrienne Broaddus. Before her assignment at KARE-TV she worked at WISH-TV.  She also interned with a government access station, HOM-TV, pronounced like home. Adrienne is tough enough to deliver breaking news that may leave folks unhappy; yet, compassionate enough to gain the trust of people whose painful truths are difficult to tell. The Emmy-award winning journalists anchors KARE 11 at 11 a.m.  Monday – Friday. In Breaking News situations, with clarity and conviction she showcases her skills without a script.

She is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Ball State University.  When given the keys, Adrienne likes to unlock stories that touch the heart.

“Anytime I am able to tell a story and help others, that's impactful. I did a story on a family who heard their son's heartbeat in the chest of another man. Their son, who died in a house fire, was an organ donor. Coupled with stories that touch the heart, I like educating and empowering communities often overlooked,” Broaddus said. 

Adrienne has landed  interviews with Snoop Dogg, Broncos Kicker Brandon McManus, Jennifer Lopez, Tiki Barber and others.