Adrienne’s award-winning natural hair series, “Wigs and Weaves: Accepting What the Salon Can’t Change,” examined why black hair has been viewed as unattractive.  In Minnesota, a white stylists refused to shampoo the hair of a woman with textured hair. The conversation gained local and national attention. 

No criminal charges were filed in the death of Prince. His cousin and former band mate are demanding justice.



Champion, a title Gene Okun relishes.
But now, the man dubbed Baby Arnold Schwarzenegger, holds a title he never wanted. Doctors believe the former powerlifter and bodybuilder has the largest kidney's in the world.


Detained at Gunpoint. American-Somali teens said they feared for their lives when Minneapolis Park Police pointed a weapon at them and detained them at a park.

What started as Hurricane Florence  left the Carolinas devastated. The death toll climbs as flooding takes over communities. As neighbors helped neighbors, a blind woman who couldn't swim was rescued from the rushing water.